Saturday, October 25, 2008

August - Build A Bear

Before Maddie went back to Florida, we went to build a bear for her to make a little lovie to have with her. Her first one she made with me years back is old and worn out and we needed a new softer, cleaner one for her to cuddle with. She named her 'Chocolate', she is a monkey who is dressed in Hannah Montana clothes. I forgot to take an 'after' shot, but she is really cute, we even put little earrings in her ears.

Picking out her new friend:
Waiting to fill Chocolate up:
Talking to the stuffer about how he is going to fill Chocolate up just enough and perfect to love:

Cleaning up Chocolate and making sure she is nice and ready to get dressed:


Kim said...

We have to find a way to get together the next time Madison is with you. She looks so BIG! (and so much like YOU)

BiBi said...

I love build a bear!
She's so pretty D ♥ She does look like you tons!