Saturday, October 25, 2008

September - Farm Days

We went to farm days in town the last weekend of September. The local farms had little booths and different activities. We saw the Sheriff and their horses at the first stop. The kids got their faces/arm painted, made a bird feeder and checked out an Eagle. We went to a couple other spots where they got to check out some neat stuff. Their most favorite I think was the ice cream stop, these people make home made ice cream and boy was it good! I got cheesecake instead of ice cream, it was sinful. Nicky got to ride a pony and keep saying: say cheese mama, everytime he would go around. The last place we stopped at we bought some green tomatoes and came home and made fried green tomatoes, they were de-lish!


Kim said...

Completely disregard the comment I made about clickable pictures in your October post. I am an idiot.

I love the pic of Nicky on the pony. He looks very Yamaguchi in it.

Diane said...

Everytime he went around he would say to me: smile for the camera...LOL.